Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation is a process which allows people to communicate directly across language and cultural boundaries using specialized technology and professional interpreters who are trained to listen to one language while speaking simultaneously in another.  Recommended for Conferences, Conventions, Seminars, Training, Workshops, Board Meetings, Business Meetings, Videoconferences, Teleconferences

Translation of Written Documents

Accurate written translations in all type of electronic formats

Consecituve Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation is used in short meetings with few participants. During Consecutive Interpretation the speaker stops at the end of the sentence allowing the interpreter to step in rendering what was said into the target language. The meeting time is almost doubled, since the interpretation happens after the speaker has spoken.


Recommended for business meetings, press conferences, interviews, working lunches, teleconferences, or any type of one-on-one exchange.

Interpretation Equipment

Based on the characteristics of your event and the number of participants, we help you to select the best choice of interpretation equipment adapted to your needs

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